Why Some Bloggers Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t on the blogosphere

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There are over 1,000,000,000 websites on the blogosphere. Almost everyone want to be a blogger on the blogosphere without putting into considerations the enormous sacrifices involved in this technical field and career.

Some just want to be bragging everywhere with the title ‘Blogger’ affixed on their profiles.

If being a blogger is a guarantee to be a rich icon on earth, almost everyone would have become a billionaire.

Why Some Bloggers Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t

The Rush To Make It:

In an effort to make it by all means, a lot of bloggers have lost it completely in blogging. Some went into scam and once they were exposed, they lost out from the career.
Cyber stocking is one of the worst thing you can ever imagine on the blogosphere. It is not like analog stocking, where when the documents stocked are burnt; the entire information is lost. But, Cyber Stocking is so ugly that Search Engines would document such information from several websites that even in the next 100 years, people would still read about it.

No serious focus and determination:
A lot of bloggers have fade away in the career because they were not so serious and focused in the field. Some blogged for like 2 years without making any money from blogging and they lost hope and diverted their focus by going into another field. You will get it all wrong when you’re not very focus in this field called blogging.


So many bloggers have worn out like nuts because they couldn’t make serious sacrifices. While a lot of bloggers have been so successful because they were able to make the right sacrifices.
I sacrificed my one year house rent to launch my first website on the orbit years ago. Back then as a fresh graduate who have decided to leave the family house and be a man of my own, it was really tough in every sense of it with the way I received daily insults here and there because of the delay in payment of the house rent as at when due.
I have experiment a whole lot in blogging and my experiences have been great. Some, I cannot even tell them to people no matter the interview or essay I write. They are my secrets to success, believe it or not.

Meeting the right and wrong people:
A whole lot of persons have left the blogging field as a result of wrong association. Some met people who deceived them that there is no money in blogging. While some others have excelled in blogging despite meeting the good, the bad and the ugly in the society.
I once met a blogger who said he cannot survive if his website should go offline for a week. I smiled and told him I can still survive even if my website goes off for a whole month because I make money from other websites as well. I don’t depend 100% on my websites alone for now. I do other things to keep body, soul and spirit together while hoping to get to the zenith in blogging soon.

I believe my God.
I believe myself.
I believe my career.

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