Why People don’t take you serious or react to your Works in group

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Every group have passive, active and super active members. They are all part of the people that make each group. Some are just ‘read and pass’ individuals, while others are very interactive icons; they love to keep groups very active to the best of their abilities

If you’re passive, people will not take your posts seriously in any group you find yourself. If you’re active, people would be active on whatever you post in any group. And when you become a super active member of any group, people pay more attention to whatever you post.

It becomes an issue of a celebrity’s post with a lot of reactions.

There are like 4 groups I do respond to almost everything posted in them. And whenever I post on them, the active and super active members therein do respond to whatever I post on it with ease. Is a case of do for me what I do for you online.

What you do to others, they would always do to you in return; believe it or not.

As a blogger who wants to be known in groups, he/she should do things to be known in groups by being active and super active.

There are various reasons a lot of individuals are on the platform (Facebook). Some came to socialise. Some came to showoff (Slay mamas & papas). Some are just hustlers (Scams). There are those who just want to be entertained.

Whichever way or reason that brought you to the platform should make you happy.

I could flashback to 2009 when I joined Facebook, there was this friend of mine who was always busy telling me that the platform was for ‘Demonized Fellows’. He said he would never in his life time join the platform for anything. But, today; he is very active on Facebook with over 5 groups to his credit.

There are people who make a good living from the platform alongside their websites. Facebook is not just an ordinary platform, but the most active platform on the platform as we speak.

They have started tracking down Fake Accounts with the speed of light.

I’m loving this. It is making the platform to be more reasonable to be.

There are 3 categories of Facebook Users:

1. Group Lords.

2. Wall Lords.

3. Passive icons.

First categories are super active Facebook users via groups. Second are very active on their walls and they react to almost every comment on their posts. While the third category are just passive (Not Active) Users of Facebook. They don’t react to what people post, but want people to react to whatever they post. Life is give and take. Garbage in, garbage out.

There are people who might be pretending on Social Media that they are not seeing your posts, but they are. Just do your thing and allow the silly monitoring spirits to be.

Have a lovely blogging week ahead.

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