What and what a real blogger should be able to do online

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A real blogger can do a whole lot of things online and offline. These are some of the things a true blogger who is proud of his/her blogging career should be able to do online.

Any blogger that can not boldly do below is not really into the business of blogging proper. Maybe that person is just a part-time blogger.

Below is a list of some things a real blogger should be able to do online:

Take Things Viral:

It is often said that not everything should go viral when blogging. Some posts are just to update a website, while others are posted specifically for them to go viral on the blogosphere.
When a blogger knows when a post is just for posting sake and for updating of a blog, he/she would equally know when a post is meant to go viral.
Every good blogger should be able to take a post viral.
A viral post is not the same with other posts on a website.

Get a post documented on Search Engines pretty fast:

Some posts can just be posted for posting sake like I earlier on said. But, if a client wants a post that needs to be documented on Search Engine very fast, a good blogger should be able to do the instant magic.
There was a time I got a job the owner told me he wants it documented on Search Engine within an hour. He specified the time frame of the documentation and the preferred Search Engine (Google) he wants it on.
I made the post and got it documented on Google and Bing within 10 minutes. 15 minutes later I put a call through for him to Google the Topic. He was so joyous when he saw it not only on Bing, but also on Google first page, but as the very first work on Google Search Result.

Make news from almost everything:

Some bloggers cannot make news from major things. But, a sound blogger is like a news maker. He/she can make news from almost everything on earth and on the blogosphere within a blink of an eye.
When lazy and dull bloggers are thinking of making news from any happening, the sound blogger has published it already and other copycats are already lifting from what he has published.

Write so well like no other:

A sound blogger should be superb in weaving of words. He should be a good essayist who can command English language like a soldier man to a bloody civilian anytime, any day, anywhere. A fantastic blogger is that one who can weave words upon words within a twinkle of an eye. A sharp blogger should know how to add salt and pepper to every write up. As a blogger, try something new! Go to areas people are running away from and invest your time, money, energy, creativity and originality and see what the future has in store.

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