What a good BREAKING news can do to your website when your site is the Source

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): What a good BREAKING news can do to your website when your site is the Source

There are several things a good breaking news can do to your website especially if the source of that news is your website.

Have you wondered why www.lindaikejisblog.com ; www.vanguardngr.com ; www.naij.ng
and other notable websites are pulling traffic with ease?
One of the secret is BREAKING NEWS.

One of my websites, www.pengician.com have been shut down over 5 times because of some breaking news due to the massive traffic. The first one was a breaking news on a State University rusticating 6 departmental presidents. It went very viral that the massive traffic shut down the site for 2 good days.
Now working on having a VPs to accommodate much traffic instead of Shared Server.

Once any news is a major news and you break that news as a talented blogger, and you spend little to take it very viral; it will bring traffic you cannot have on your website in a month for just within 48 hours.

How do I go about this as a Blogger?

As a blogger who wish to earn good money from blogging, you must blind your eyes to plagiarism (stealing works) to publish on your site.
Feed your site with quality posts (original). Buy posts from talented writers and bloggers.
Be a voracious reader and writer.
Always polish your English very well before you hit the PUBLISH button.
Be simple in your expressions.
Don’t sound too obscure, else people will back out from your site as a site for obscurantism. Many don’t mind, they would remove your blog from their bookmark within the snap of a finger.
Use simple, but correct English.

Source for news, articles, essays etc.
Expand and amplify your website niche.
Feed your readers/visitors with info every now and then so that they can in turn make choice on what to read.

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If site A is posting a minimum of 45 posts daily and site B is posting minimum of 3 posts daily, which would you go for?
I believe Site A would be readers/visitors choice.
Feed people with a lot of quality posts and see they would always come back to your site/blog and equally see them advertise or talk about your website to their colleagues, friends etc.

Advantages of Breaking News on your site
A good breaking news will bring this to your website:
Pingbacks & Linkbacks.

No website on the blogosphere will improve on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without traffic. Good contents bring real Traffic to websites.

When you break any major news, take your precious time to write and edit it to satisfaction. Take it viral by way of advertisement. Pay for it. Nothing good comes easy in the journey of Life.

Blogging is a technical field. That’s why you see many poor bloggers who are not successful around. It requires sacrifice, investment and time.

Be the hero today and always.

Happy blogging day ahead to all bloggers worldwide.

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