Top three(3) best web browser. More faster and more secure

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If you are looking for best web browser, It is really also important to consider the ones that will protect your personal data, because nowadays Hackers are using different techniques to trap user. So, it’s needed to have a secure best browser on your system.

What does a secure browser mean?

A  secure best browser means which protect web browser from various kind of cyberattack by the use of special security architecture. It is a phenomenon followed by the web browser and other technology companies makers. It’s becoming increasingly important, especially as more and more data is being shared and stored data online. It’s start with good browser practices. Whenever open email attachment takes care that. Be sure that your software antivirus is updated. For a secure browser, It is important.

There are many web browsers are available but only some of them are more flexible, secure and provide faster performance. Most people use the pre-installed web browser or the one that they well known.

Here are the best 3 web browser for the cybersecurity, let’s talk about all of them briefly:-

Google Chrome –

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers and also mother st efficient browser. It is powered by the open source Chromium browser project and is available in windows, android Chromebook, Mac, Linux and ios platforms. Chrome browser supports a huge amount of extensions which make your work more easier.

Chrome also provides parental control and incognito mode. Chrome incognito mode is much the same as a scrambled association given by a virtual private system. Therefore it doesn’t prevent any third party website. There are proactive security measures protect the work of the user and they get a consistent, customizable experience whenever and wherever they access it. IT administrators can maintain control easily by managing permission and policies across every user, device, and platform in the enterprise, including Windows, Mac OS iOS, Android, and Linux.

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There are additional features for safe and support for additional authentication work to keep employees safe as do they more in the cloud:-

Safe By Design:- Chrome Browser security keeps the user and their data safe from involving threats.

Safe Browsing– Google Safe Browsing technology protects your company by online activity with the user-friendly alert from the malware, phishing, and social engineering attack.

Auto updates

It’s regular updates in every six weeks or sooner to keep the users and their devices current with the latest security function.

Security in every layer:-

Chrome browser security stop threats before impact on the user business.

Sandboxing features:-

In the browser security Sandboxing prevents malicious web pages when installing them from malware, while site isolation puts pages from websites into different processes, limiting what each process is allowed to do.

Increase networking security–

it validates secure connections with HTTP Strict Transport Security, root CA verification, and mixed script so users online activity remains safe.

Mozilla Firefox:-

Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser and it is available in Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and IOS Platforms. After a long time, it has received the biggest update which is quite impressive. It also supports a large number of extensions. Mozilla is known for its flexibility but it lacks in some terms like speed. Mozilla is also non-profit and claims to not sell off our data.

It comes with regular updates, it provides a better and secure experience for its users. It also used some protocol of HTTPS to secure web server connections. It enhances the user’s experience by providing a number of speed and security increments. It doesn’t make a use of search history to serve up ads and also protect against hidden ad tracking. It also provides a privacy mode like that in chrome and also doesn’t keep a note of browsing history. It’s not the fastest one but is the best in term of the secure browser.

Some features of Firefox:-

Souped-up Add-ons manager.

More intuitive interface overall.

Stronger phishing and malware protection.

Improved download manager.

Native looks for every system.

Streamlined “Remember password” handling.

Smart Bookmarks.

Places Organizer replaces the Bookmark Manager.

Microsoft Edge

it is built by the Redmond Firm in web browser which offers a more secure sleeky browsing experience. Edge also supports an extension system like google chrome. There is a small number of extension provided in it as it’s an extension that support is in early days. It is quite better than the Microsoft internet explorer in terms of secure browsing. There are no insecure protocols like ActiveX in it.

Edge works quite well in Windows 10 tablet mode and with the Cortana. Basically comes as a default browser with Windows 10. It is also available in Android and IOS Platforms. Edge can save you from the malicious application with its good technology.

Some features of Microsoft Edge:-

Before phishers cast their bait stops them-
Phishing is a procedure to gain access to sensitive information by mean of pretending to be a trustworthy entity.

Edge mainly aims to protect phishing attack through its Password technology, which debuted in Window 8. It will do a reputation check on the individual website to make sure that everything on that website you are attempting to enter is a-okay. If anything noteworthy is found, the user will get a warning.

Operates in a Sandbox:–

Sandboxing is a security term for executing a program or software in a contained environment so it can not affect any other program that is also running on a device. This means better security for the end user because if Edge is compromised, the rest of the computer won’t be harmed

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