Search Engine Optimization versus Old Age of Website

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Between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Old Age of Website, which brings Search Engine BOTs to websites very often?

A whole lot of questions have been raised on the blogosphere by bloggers, web developers, tech experts, writers, business tycoons etc. And several answers have been dished out (wrong & correct) ones.

Websites are very technical and sensitive. They are not like humans you can just maintain with feeding daily. A website feeding is the daily posts on the site.
A website can be receiving like 40 daily publications, but that will not make Search Engine Bots to be visiting the site. Another site can be publishing a minimum of 15 posts while Search Engine crawlers will be trooping into this site than the first site with a daily minimum posts of 40.
Is just a technical smart way bloggers and site owners use to boost their popularity on the blogosphere. Blogging is a highly competitive field. If you’re not ready for the competition, don’t even be a blogger in the first place.

A search engine BOT is that spider or crawler that visits a website to document what the site administrators, bloggers, members etc have posted on Search Engines like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Google etc. So that any day someone searches the Internet/blogosphere for that topic or something related to that topic, your blog can come up on Search Engines within milliseconds.

Have you been wondering what brings Search Engine Spiders or BOTs to a website the most?
Or have you ever thought of the criteria that bring Search Engine Bots to a website very often?
Some of these questions are what every netizen or nethead should ask at one point or the other.
The more you ask questions, the more you get answers.
Note that some answers will not come free of charge.
Information is expensive!

Now to the crux of this piece.

Between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Old Age of Website, which brings Search Engine BOTs to websites very often?

Both are necessary criteria that usually bring Search Engine Bots to crawl websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) bring Search Engine crawlers to websites as Old Age of Domain equally bring the BOTs to document what websites have published.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) do help to bring traffic to a website daily. As the traffic is flooding the site daily, Search Engine crawlers are happy documenting publications from the website.

The older a website become, the happier Search Engine Bots visit the site to document publications.

No matter how good a website is in terms of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it can NEVER be compared with an old domain name (Website) with the speed at which Search Engine BOTs do visit the site to document publications. The older a website is alongside its activeness, the better the popularity and the bigger the fan base and the earlier Search Engine BOTs visit to document whatever that is published on the site.

So between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Old Age of Website, which brings Search Engine BOTs to websites very often?
I guess you already know the answer. Both bring crawlers to websites, but one guarantee the way BOTs visit website(s) very often.

The older a website, the better the popularity; and better chances for its daily unique visitors to double.

Cherish your website like your Bestie now and always.

Have a lovely blogging day ahead.

Stay blessed.


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