Must Every Post Come On A Young Website?

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Posting every now and then on a very young website that is below 2 years of age is pretty good. It keeps the site active. And it usually make visitors to always want to bookmark the website to always come back to enjoy its wonderful contents.

But, there is a limit to doing this.
Not every post should be seen on a young website.

When a web page is pretty young, the site owner (CEO) or the managing blogger should be very careful of the kind of content published on it to avoid a turnoff for visitors or readers.

Once people noticed that your website is a place every dick and harry can be found, they will unbookmark the site and would not love to come back again.

Nobody wants to see nonsense on the blogosphere, after all there are over 1,000,000,000 websites on earth. If there is no value in your posts, people will definitely be glad to be visiting other websites. New websites are coming up every now and then.

There is an average of 250 new websites daily on the blogosphere being launched into the orbit. So don’t feel people would want to get bored with any web page.

If rich contents are not appearing on a website regularly, that site will be reducing in terms of traffic.

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Let’s be practical on this now.
If you visit any website and realised that 90% of the content are what you have read elsewhere before, would you like to take that site serious and even think of bookmarking it to be visited again?
What if you visit a website and noticed that over 90% of its contents cannot be found anywhere and the contents are very unique and rich, would you like to bookmark that site and come back to browse through its contents?
What if you visit a website and noticed originality and creativity that is more than 80% on the site you cannot find anywhere, would you like to visit again?
All questions above are just rhetorical questions. We can all answer them at our leisure.

There is this saying ‘Do to others what you want them to do to you’ if you want people to hate you, do things that would make them hate you with passion. And if you want them to like you, do things that would make them like you from the very fiber of your existence.

Nothing can replace originality and creativity in blogging. Write from the scratch. And see your website’s uniqueness and creativity now and always.

Back to the question,
Must Every Post Come On A Young Website?
The gospel answer is NO.
Only rich and reasonable contents should be found in a website. And not just a new or an old website.

If you get it wrongly, people will leave your site for other sites.

As a blogger, care for your website like a new born baby.
Value your website.
Feed your website with the required content.


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