Making Real Money with your website: What You would not read by the roadside (Part 2)

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Days ago, we dwell on one of the areas you can be making cool cash from your website. Your website is your business, shop, office etc. Invest in it and be reaping daily no matter how little it is.

READ: Making Real Money with your website: What You would not read by the roadside (Part 1) 

In part one of this series, we discussed exhaustively on Sponsored Posts as one way of making real money with your website.

In this part 2, we shall be discussing about ADVERTISEMENT SPACES on your website. Not all websites have advertisement spaces. The Theme usually determine all that.

What is the essence of having a website when it cannot generate income for you?

Advertisement Space is that space you have created for clients to buy in order for them to advertise their business with ease on your website.

There are Templates and Themes you cannot get quality Advertisement Spaces. Check out and see how that Template can manoeuvre over 50 Advertisements. While can accommodate over 75 advertisements. After 3 posts there is an Advertisement space on LindaIkeji’s website.
If any blogger is really ready to make good money in blogging, a good Template will just do.

After getting those Advertisement Spaces on your Template, you advertise your website to get advertisements. Spend money to get money. Make it very affordable and see how they would rush you.

Note: There are people that can meet you to advertise on your page or group. As long as you’re the CEO, the money still comes to you.

In building a good Template, don’t be like any blog. Do your own thing and be unique in it and people will get to like you like no order.

Your advertisement space should be very affordable.
They should be very unique.
Treat your clients very well and they would love to come back and probably tell others about your website.
Optimize your Website very well for Search Engines to be ahead of other competitors. Know for sure blogging is very competitive and you must be ready for the competition anytime, any day.
You can slash your advertisement rates like a promo for 1 month or 3 months and get customers. Everyone love affordable products, including the wealthy ones in the Society.

Get yourself acquainted with advertisement spaces for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. But don’t raise your price like super active websites. Do it on a low key.

The way your advertisement will display on your website will determine if customers will come to advertise with you or not.
Do something exceptionally different.
Be unique.
Be creative.
Be focused.
Be determined to do what others are still dreaming in blogging.
There are areas people are running from in blogging. Take your time to find out and do what people are running away from and see the crowd that would be visiting your website daily for doing something unique.
Almost every website is focusing on News when there are over 1,000 categories one can focus on 2 or 3 very well and be pulling crowd. Stop the lifting. Invest time and energy to do something creative and original today and always.

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