How To Take Screenshots On Laptops Without SOFTWARE.

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This post will be discussing How to take Screenshots on Laptops without Software. Most of all Smartphones users are familiar with the way to take screenshots on their smartphones without the use of any software. But reverse is the case when it comes to Laptops and PC’s.

This may be as a result of the fact that smartphone has taken over, people are now doing most their work using mobile phone, including those works we normally do with our desktop computer or Laptop .

Now that you need it or you need to learn in case you need it, Valen blog will put you through on How to take Screenshots on PC and Laptops Running Windows without Any Software.

What You Need to take Screenshots on Laptop without software

All you need are just two things. They are;

°Your Computer System.

°Windows OS installed on it.

How to take Screenshots on PC and Laptops Running Windows without Any Software

On your system, hold the window bottom with R (i.e Window Button+R Key).

In the command prompt loaded on your screen, type ‘snippingtool’.

After typing that, click on run.

A pop-up box which will allow you to select the areas to screenshot will be displayed.

Select the area of choice and save. This saves it directly to your downloads folder.

Now that you’ve learned How to take Screenshots on PC and Laptops Running Windows without Any Software, kindly share with friends and loved ones.

Take a screenshot(2).

On Macs, CMD Shift 3 takes a photo of the entire screen, or you can press the Print Screen button on your Windows keyboard for PCs, and the screenshot can be pasted into any photo-editing software, like Paint or Photoshop.

On Macs, CMD Shift 4 lets you use your mouse and select a portion of your screen to take a screenshot of. On the PC, you can use the Snipping Tool — a program in Windows — to select a specific area of your screen to take a screenshot.

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