How to make cool cash from your Facebook group (Part 3)

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Edited on November 6th 2018

It’s always good to add value to whatever you doing because it may be your saviour tomorrow, many will agree with me that leasing or selling a facebook group is becoming a cool business nawadays

If you’re broke and you sell one of your Facebook group for N500,000, you can afford to do better things with such amount of money. After all, half a million is a reasonable amount of money to an average Nigerian.

In part 1, we concentrated on

PINNED POST(S) as number one way of making cool cash from your Facebook group.

Another way of earning from your Facebook group is by SELLING THE GROUP. We already discussed that in part 2 exhaustively.

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Welcome to part 3 being another way of making money from your Facebook group, LEASING.

Yes. You read that right. Leasing is another way of making cool cash from your Facebook group. You rent or lease it out for a specific period of time to organisations or individuals who can afford it.

Politicians might want to have your group rented or leased to them to enhance their campaign.

Business tycoons might want to rent your group to spread their business for a specific period of time. At the duration of the rent, the control of the group automatically belongs to them. And immediately after that period, you have 100% control of your Group.

Don’t be greedy when leasing your Facebook group out. Be diplomatic about it.

During the period of Lease, expect the following:

The person you leased it to can be spamming the group with his/her business, campaign activities.

You must be calm about it.

During the lease period, the person who leased the group can have others who would be spamming the group just for the purpose of passing on their advertisements, campaign, promotion etc.

Leasing out a Group is like pinning a post or making an advertisement for a client or customer. It is not really that expensive. But there is money in it. I have once leased a group of 10,000 members to a client for N5,000 for 2 weeks. Imagine if the person was not a friend of mine or the group was over 500,000 members, the amount would have skyrocket.

During the period of lease, the Group owner is advised to pay deaf ears and blind eyes to the activities of the client.

Note: Once a group is leased out to a client, that client is made a Moderator of the group. Not an Administrator, because it is a temporary position that would be taken from him/her when the said time is over.

Some of the things you can do with a group that is leased to you are as follows:

Pin Posts to the group.

Add Members.

Advertise on the group.

Grow your Page or Group through the group.

Give out some freebies to make the group to be super active.

Run promo for up and coming Artistes.

What you can do with a House leased or rented out to you as a tenant, you can do even more when a Facebook group is rented or leased out to you

Note: Make sure you have potential and active members in any group that you are managing, because that will determine its value whenever you are ready to lease it out.

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