How to make cool cash from your Facebook group (Part 2)

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Every Facebook group owner is like a website CEO. He is in charge of the group and what goes into the group. But not in charge of what comes out of the group, because people are free to Share works from the group with or without the group owner’s permission.

In part 1, we concentrated on

PINNED POST(S) as number one way of making cool cash from your Facebook group(s).

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Another way of earning from your Facebook group is by SELLING THE GROUP.

Yes. You read that well. Selling it for another person to manage.

I know of ‘Groups Dealer’ on Facebook just like Me. He has over 200 groups. He created some and purchased others. They keep growing daily. You can grow some groups to an extent that you may decide on your own to sell some out. Someone sold a Facebook group for N2,000,000. That’s a good sum of money. But bear it in mind that the group in question have an outstanding membership of over 4,000,000 and was sold to a company.

Nothing good comes easy. You can buy a group for N500; N1,000; N5,000; N10,000; N20,000; N100,000; N500,000; N1,000,000 etc depending on the membership and activeness of the group.

In case you want to buy any group, you can contact me to give you the PRICE Value of such group.

Selling the group means you would have to leave the group and later join after the necessary transactions for the new owner(s)’ to have 100% control of it.

If they are kindhearted enough, they may not kick you out of the group.

Selling off the group is like selling off your mansion or car. It’s no longer your property. It means the new owner(s) are now in charge of it.

Currently on Facebook, there are groups that can go for N10,000,000 to N15,000,000 without getting to haggle the price because of their membership and activeness.

Did you know there are Groups that are more active than some websites?

Yes. There are.

I know of a group that receives a minimum of 800 posts daily. Which website on earth can afford to have half of such posts and activeness?

If making money with your Facebook group or groups is your desire, be ready to invest money in it very well and care for it like no man’s business as you’re building it to your taste. But, remember to listen to the opinion of others on the group, don’t claim to be a rude General Overseer in all. Remember the voice of the masses is the golden voice you should not pay a deaf ear to at times.

Listen carefully.

Be wise like a serpent and be harmless like a Dove in trying to give your group a voice. There is a way you would over rush things and Facebook would be forced to deactivate that group.

There is a question you should be bold enough to ask yourself, if others can do it; what stops you from doing it bigger, better, brighter and even bolder?

Taking your Facebook group from zero level to an enviable level is not as easy as you may think. But, DARE to do something others are still dreaming.


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