How to know serious Bloggers to do business with online to avoid your money going down the drain

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There are countless self acclaimed bloggers online these days. Some are just impostors, some of them are scam, while few ones out there are real. The way we have mock writers, same way we have fake bloggers masquerading here and there. You must not attach ‘Blogger’ to your Profile on Social Media before we know you’re a serious blogger or not. Most of the self acclaimed bloggers on Social Media are pretty fake. I’m not saying this to spite anyone. Some so-called bloggers cannot even string up words to make good sentences, not to mention writing articles to update their websites on the blogosphere. Some are just shameless Plagiarists that are stealing contents everywhere just to update their websites. Too bad, because once DMCA is well enforced; reputations are bound to go down the drain.

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Here is a little piece that will help you to know the real bloggers out there.

You’re posting to a website daily doesn’t mean you’re a certified blogger to do business with.

Every field have their own sacrifices. In blogging, there are some things to look into before you give your money to a blogger to blog your works for you to avoid contacting the wrong hands.

If you must be making good money in blogging, you must be willing to make the right sacrifices.

Below are some of the ways to know serious bloggers on the blogosphere:


Every serious blogger should have a Business Name (BN) or a Registration Certificate (RC) from the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) which is a body responsible for business registrations across the country (Nigeria). Other countries might have a name they called this body.

Once you have a BN or RC, it means it is a bold step to doing genuine business and you can sue and be sued.


Tax Identification Number (TIN) is that number you will get from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) if you have a legal business you’re doing. Some banks will never grant you access to have a Corporate Bank Account if you don’t have it.


You must have a business name from the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). It is not just a name you give to your business for giving sake. This is a name from the C.A.C which makes your business legal.


Corporate Bank Account (CBA) is what your business will be using for bank transactions. You don’t expect people to be making payment into your savings account when you’re different from your business.


There must be a website or two for your business where related works about your business are posted from time to time.

Above are some things you should look out for if you really want to do serious business with a blogger you want to spend your money on.

There are other ways to know real bloggers, but above list is like the basic things to look out for.

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