Discover mobile apps that are not good for your kids

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Whether you like it or not, there are mobile apps that are not good for your kids to use, as the use of mobile devices is growing, we all know that is good to expose our kids to the latest technologies but we need to be extremely careful doing that.

We are too busy that we hardly pay attention to what our kids are doing while online, the kind of websites they visit, what mobile apps they use and so many other things they do online.

However, it’s pertinent to know that some of those mobile apps and websites are not good for them, there are so many mobile apps on app stores, but the question is “which one is good for them”
As an adult we all know what is good for us and how to secure our private information online but the case is different for the kids.

In this article you will discover those mobile apps that are not good for your kids.

Below are some of the those you wouldn’t want for your kids

Waplog:It is a dating app help people find new dates, match with people nearby and chat. Discover and flirt with new people and for this app to find people near by it must disclose your location which is not good for kids.

Tinder: This is also another social networking app that promotes relationships, dating and meet-ups that is not good for kids.

Kik: Is a messaging app that enable people connect with friends, stay in the loop, and explore all through chat. No phone numbers is required, just pick a username, Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups Share pics, videos, gifts, games, and more. This is not good for kids since people can connect to each other without phone number, it will be difficult to trace and track someone in a case of security issues.

Snapchat: Is a social media app that connects people from different locations, Snapchat can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap! This is only good for adults and not kids.

As your kids are getting ready to go back to school, always check their mobile phones to make sure they have appropriate apps on their devices.


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