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Must Every Post Come On A Young Website?

Posting every now and then on a very young website that is below 2 years of age is pretty good. It keeps the site active. And it usually make visitors to always want to bookmark the website to always come…

Search Engine Optimization versus Old Age of Website

Between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Old Age of Website, which brings Search Engine BOTs to websites very often? A whole lot of questions have been raised on the blogosphere by bloggers, web developers, tech experts, writers, business tycoons etc….


How to know if your website is well documented by Search Engine BOTS

There are several websites out there that are not well documented on Search Engines. And Search Engine BOTS hardly crawl them to document whatever they post. If Search Engine BOTs are not visiting and crawling your websites very often, be…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Ways to spread your website

There are several ways to improve on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of any website. Some ways are very expensive, while others are affordable. Some are almost free of charge if you know what to do. Improving on any website…

Site activeness: a plus or minus to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you talk of site activeness or search engine optimization , you will realized that there are various ways a site could be said to be active or dormant on the blogosphere. Some site are: Dormant Active Very active Super…

Trackbacks & Pingbacks: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Why other sites don’t link to your website

Blogging is one field that requires originality, creativity, sacrifices to be very successful and search engine optimization (SEO) is the key Some bloggers make a lot from freelancing alongside other areas. There is no specific handout to success in blogging…


10 proven ways you can give your website a voice on the blogosphere, in no order

  As you are thinking of giving your website a voice, don’t forget to always concentrate on more original posts for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for visitors to always want to come back. People love originality and creativity….

5 Reasons your website is not getting the required visibility alongside good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There might be several reasons a website is not getting the maximum search engine optimization (SEO) on the blogosphere. Below are 5 of those reasons from the numerous ones. 1. Poorly written articles: When bad grammatical constructions masturbate your posts,…

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