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12 Whatsapp Hacks Every Good Whatsapp User Should Know.

These whatsapp hacks are what you need to make your phone Smatest.They are not only going to make your messaging experience more interesting than it is already. These tips and tricks will make your phone more productive. As we all…


Many users need to root their Android smartphones or tablets to gain SuperUser permissions or full Root access to modify or customize anything on the Android devices without limitations. Since Android is an open source mobile OS powered by Google,…

Phone charging problems

10 Ways You Can Actually Fix Your Phone Charging Problems.(DIY)

Mobile phone charging problems is what almost all the smartphone users have experienced.¬† When your battery isn’t charging properly, Don’t immediately accuse your phone charger or your battery. Based on personal experience, the problem – and¬†solution – may be much…

Amazing Hidden Features You Don’t Know About Your Android Phone.

4 Secrets about your Google-powered device. Do you know all about your Android phone?. No, I don’t think you do. There has been a debate about the Android & the Apple phone. But one thing is certain: Google’s phone software…

Why iPhone is not among the first five in Indian smartphone market

India being the world’s third largest smartphone market is still a hard nut for Apple to crack in terms of sales penetration, report from¬† has it that they sold less than a million iPhone in the first half of 2018….

Sending photos to people is now annoying using Apple iOS 12 version

Apple has made changes that affected the way people share photos using iPhone, normally in version iOS 11 sending photos is very simple, just few clicks and you are there. Before taking this decision, Apple may have considered some factors…

What you don’t know about HTC U12+ android mobile phone

Discover more about HTC U12+ android mobile phone HTC U12+ is the latest device launched by HTC, we are going to look at the features so as to find out why it’s very powerful. As an android mobile phones user,…

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