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Some people do not actually think that it’s a priority to keep a wordpress site SAFE. However, I will show you 9 ways to keep your WordPress site safe in this article.


Site owners and developers usually think about the safety of their site only when it get hacked.

With no doubt, WordPress is one of the most user –friendly website platform online. May  me for this same reason, WordPress has become a popular target for hackers. That’s why its important to be more careful when developing your website with WordPress.


According to some recent research, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. In 2012  alone 170,000 WordPress sites was hacked and it doesn’t end there because this figure increases every year.  But the good news is; there are ways this can be prevented. If not totally, at least to an extent.



Those with low traffic on their website may be asking themselves ‘why would a hacker hack my site when I do not control much traffic’? . The truth is that most majority of hackers do not hack to steal your data or delete some files, all they wanna do is to use your server  to send spam Emails..


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Yes it pain so much when your site is hacked. I know what you are thinking — this is gonna be a heartbreak. Yes it is.


But here are some ways to keep your WordPress site safe. Here are the  best thing you can do, they are easy and simple..  Before we dive in its important to know that the easiest way to solve this is to host with Sunny HQ.  Securing your site will take time and energy away from your business and that means money.


1. Avoid Much Usage Of Plugins


Its not advisable to use much plugins on your site, since this is the one of the vulnerability of a WordPress site. You should delete plugins and themes you’re not using. While developing your site in the first place, limit the number of you plugin installation. To keep your WordPress site secure, you need to be scrupulous in the criteria you use to select plugins.



2. Never Download Premium Plugins for Free



Most free plugins are vulnerable. Some people overlook paid plugins to download a free one. Though I totally get what it’s like to be a business person on a budget, it’s just a bad idea overall to try to download premium plugins from anywhere other than where they are officially for sale.



3. Have You Thought Of Automatic Core Updates


Its important & advisable to run UPDATES from time to time. If you’re running an older version of WordPress than what is current, what that means is that all of the security flaws in the version you’re running is common knowledge to the public. And hackers knows about that too, you know what that means? They can easily get to you.


4. Always Set Plugins and Themes To Automatic Update


Plugins and themes are things we update manually, but there are some site owners who are too busy for time to time updates. So knowing that un-updated plugins and themes are much vulnerable to hackers; you have to run your configuration to ‘Automatic Update’ this means everything stays updated without necessarily doing it yourself.


5. Eliminate PHP Error Reporting


When you strengthen up your site’s backend security, it has a lot to do with closing the holes or weak spots. Now, if a plugin or theme doesn’t work correctly, it might create an error message (PHP error). This is definitely helpful when troubleshooting, but the problem is: these error messages often include your server path.


6. Protect Your Most Pertinent Files Using .htaccess


If you’re into WordPress security at all, you must have heard of the .htaccess file before and have likely accessed it. Still, the changes you make in this one file can have such a huge impact on your entire site’s security, it’s so important .


7. Always Hide Author Usernames


If WordPress defaults are left intact, it’s really easy to find out each author’s username for your site. Most of the time the main author of a site is also the administrator; it’s also easy to find out the admin’s username. It doesn’t make sense. When such thing happens, you’re giving away info to hackers, you taking the risk of seeing your site compromised.


8. Obscure the Login Page


It’s true that security that focuses on obscurity isn’t complete, but that’s  still an important part of your overall strategy. After all, hiding certain elements of your site won’t prevent hackers from accessing them, but to some length it’s gonna  make it harder for them to get to it. And I think that’s a good one.


9. Make Use Of A Good Hosting Company For Your Site.


With 41% of hacking attempts being caused by a security vulnerability on a hosting platform, it pays to host your website with a good quality hosting company. Look for a hosting company that places an emphasis on security. One that has:



• Support for the latest versions of PHP and MySQL

• Is optimized for running WordPress

• Includes a WordPress optimized firewall

• Has malware scanning and intrusive file detection

• Trains their staff on important WordPress security issues.



It pays to grab knowledge, as you just did. As a wordpress user, always keep your self and your team updated on the latest developments of the TECH you make use of.

1. Take online courses

2. Watch online videos

3. Buy &read e-books

Watch youtube videos that has what you looking for.

With these you get your self on the upfront. See you next time with another helpful tips……

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